We have cooperated with ADDA Consultants for more than three years in the area of competency models, Development Centres realisation, and subsequent development activities in the part of Outsourcing for Slovakia, the Czech Republic and management in Europe. The thing we value the most about ADDA Consultants is their exceptional expert background, as well as their ability to work with the client and create products according to their needs. We consider consultants from ADDA our partners, who are able to provide an efficient solution in the area of development and performance management. I am glad that a company with experts who continually further their education and follow the latest trends such as ADDA is present on the Slovak market and that we can put our trust into them.

Eva Mazanová, Talent Development Manager, Accenture, s.r.o.

In ADDA Consultants we found a partner that, apart from carrying out our corporate training programmes, can develop tools custom made according to our needs in Slovakia. We value mainly their flexibility and their application of expert know-how in developing our people.

Petra Fürbecková, HR manager, DELL, s.r.o.

Our company considers motivated and skilled employees vital for fulfilling the company strategy. Under direction by the ADDA team we worked on the systematic development of our managers and the whole company by putting the newest principles into practice. We focused on the development of competencies, employing a feedback system, and making the cooperation between the sections of the firm in such a way that the transformation impacted all levels of our company.

Heinz Zemke, Director General, Slovenské cukrovary, a.s.

Many directors know to the smallest detail the assets of the company and their efficiency, know exactly to what extent the production possibilities are used to the last production line, sales per square metre, or output from one kilogramme of the raw material. Sure, these are important numbers, but, in my opinion, not critical. On the other hand, how many of them know the true potential of their employees and the competencies their posts require? I was looking for the answers to these questions when I contacted ADDA Consultants… and I got exactly that. It may have been the key contribution to the change our company was undergoing at the time.

Miroslav Siváček, CEO, Chemolak, a.s.