…thanks to ADDA’s Integrated Managerial Development Programme we can not only develop the key competencies of our managers but also deliberately transform the company culture, which our customers will also find valuable.

Viera Ottová, HR Director, SPP, a.s.

The things I value about ADDA are their professionalism and their effort to go deeper than the surface. By that I mean not doing only that which we pay them for but also bringing something more, e.g. consultation or counselling. My cooperation with ADDA dates back to 2004, and I rate it very positively. We have cooperated on the preparation and implementation of the competency model, the realisation of managerial development centres, seminars, coaching, and the realisation of 360-degree feedback. The consultants and lecturers of the company are always very professional, flexible, and well prepared, which is praised by our employees as well.

Ľubomíra Radosová, HR Strategy and Policy Section Director, SPP, a.s.

I have cooperated with ADDA Consultants for more than four years, mostly in the areas of competency models, HR team seminars on the Competency Based Interview, realisation of Development Centres, and designing Development Centres for select target groups in the management. These are subsequently realised internally when hiring our own employees. We very much appreciate their expert know-how in said areas.

Eva Bračíková, HR Senior Specialist, development, T-Mobile Slovensko, a.s.