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360° Feedback

Hardly anything moves performance of individuals and the whole organization forward so efficiently as objective and accurate feedback…(Mark Cubes)

360-degree feedback is a strong developmental tool which, if used correctly, leads to an increase of performance of individuals as well as the whole organization. Using of the 360-degree feedback (thereinafter 360) leads to increased self-confidence of employees, more precise self-image and better use of their potential. That is the reason why the 360 must be used for positive reasons, mainly for developmental purposes.

Benefits of 360°feedback for an organization

  • It increases ability to provide and receive feedback – regular use of 360 supports openness in communication as well as openness to feedback
  • Regular feedback monitors progress of the whole organization or a team
  • Basis for individual development and coaching
  • Basis for other HR systems

Benefits of 360°feedback for the manager

  • Defining individual developmental needs
  • Defining critical areas, where correction of performance is needed (possibly defining of low performance causes)
  • Career planning
  • Developmental plan for the whole team
  • Evaluation of effect of development – individually or for a group
  • Communication of performance standards

Benefits of 360°feedback for the assessed person

  • Receiving of complex feedback from key people he is in contact with
  • Information on particular behavioural manifestations presenting his/her strong points
  • Precise defining of behavioural manifestations he/she should develop
  • Base for very focused and individualized development of particular skills
  • Measuring of progress in self-development
  • Comparison with the company´s average
- individual
- team
- organizational

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