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Organisations and their management face ever-changing challenges that require unique solutions. Because of that, coaching has been growing worldwide in an unprecedented way, including Slovakia. The quick return on investment into coaching that is confirmed by research is further evidenced by the growing interest of organisations in this approach to the development of managers and specialists. In a time when yesterday’s solutions are already obsolete, a 40-hour workweek is considered part-time, and uncertainty is the only certainty, coaching can give managers a fresh approach, save their time, reduce stress, and accelerate their development. Coaching is both an individual and a team development tool that helps the coachee put their potential to better use. Thanks to a capable coach, the worker can develop more than using any other method in a short amount of time.

We at ADDA Consultants specialise in several coaching areas:

Individual coaching for managers, managerial talent, and specialists

Our coaches are internationally certified and skilled experts who coach senior managers and salespeople, helping to develop the potential of managerial talent.

Team coaching

It creates a space for solving real team issues and accelerates the growth and maturity of the team in order to make the team’s response to demanding tasks in the future more effective. Team coaching is often coupled with teambuilding activities and focuses on reaching complete synergy of mainly executive teams.

The Manager as a Mentor and Coach

A development programme aimed mainly at helping managers gain a new approach and the skills necessary for developing the independence and engagement of their employees. The programme is based on extensive knowledge of the realities of management. The mangers can immediately apply the adopted coaching skills and techniques in their everyday situations. Managers are also supporter by individual supervision and mentoring over the whole duration of the course. More about the programme.


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