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Competency model

Companies need competency models like a sailor needs a compass.

It serves to describe the specific competencies (a sum of qualities, abilities, skills, and other capabilities of workers) for a particular position. It ensures definite criteria for the work style and evaluates them objectively.

Four main areas that benefit

The competency model allows you to better:

  • Select the candidates best suited for the job
  • Focus people development only on the areas needed in a targeted way
  • Identify and develop managerial talent
  • Use evaluation to boost continuous growth of the company and its people


What a competency model comprises

Every competency model we create contains:

  • A description of the competencies and their total benefit to your company
  • Typical behavioural manifestations – measurable, observable, and developable
  • A grading scale for each competency


Thanks to the detailed description, the competency model can be used for evaluation e.g. in assessment centres, for 360-degree feedback, evaluation interviews, development centres, and managerial talent development centres.

Our qualifications

For almost twenty years we have been developing the competency model creation methodology. We gained our knowhow in cooperation with notable institutions such as London Business School, UK, University of South Florida, and Center for Creative Leadership, both in USA. We published our experience with the competency approach and using and creating competency models in a treatise unique in the market:

Manažerské kompetence: způsobilosti výjimečných manažerů  (Managerial Competencies: Capabilities of Exceptional Managers), GRADA, 2004.

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