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Unique interactive virtual assessment centre used to identify and develop managerial and other talent:

Management Pinsight™ – for new managers and a basic management
Mid level Pinsight™ – for talents and a medium management level
Senior Pinsight™ – for top managers


  • New to our offer is the first specialist simulation, Pinsight Sales Professional aimed at trade representatives.

How can Pinsight™ help you?

  • Safe simulation of high-stress scenarios with high cost of failure
  • Targeted competency development – preparation for demanding tasks
  • Objective assessment of competencies
  • Targeted and tailored basis for developing leaders and salespeople
  • Better successor planning
  • Identification of leadership and management potential – safer career choices
  • Identifying the development needs of new managers
  • Cutting the cost of wrong career decisions
  • Direct behavioural observation under everyday conditions
  • Dealing with change-needed behaviours in the order of importance
  • Useful coaching tools right in the final report

Online Assessment centre – just one click away

Your participants can go through the simulation in a matter of hours. A couple of mouse clicks is all it takes.

1. Plan out the simulation

Choose an appropriate date

2. Prepare!

Study the background information about your company. Get to know the mission, strategy, and the whole team.

3. Experience the simulation

Manage a fictional organisation, go through a roleplaying scenario with your real colleagues by video call, and solve tasks assigned by email.

4. Receive results

Results of the simulation are ready within 24 hours.

Why Pinsight™?

  • Entrancing experience

- full immersion helps uncover your true potential.

  • Ready-to-go development plans

– individuals can investigate their strong suits and development needs and how they relate to the trade strategy of the organisation.

  • 6+ Assessments in one

– Pinsight™ combines behavioural observation with motivation, personality, and learning ability into one integrated report.

  • Relevant to your business

– discover insights about how your leaders and salespeople deal with current business priorities and future strategies.

  • Deeds, not words

– most assessment tools focus on views and intentions. Pinsight™ simulations capture what people do, which is not always in line with what they say. However, it is what your workers do that fulfil or undercut your strategy.

  • Much less financially costly than assessment centres

– Pinsight™ offers efficient solutions that are fully online and fully compliant. It requires no travelling and can be used whenever and wherever needed.

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