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Manager as mentor and coach

“The very professionally led course was a great experience for beginner as well as more experienced coaches.

Ing. Miroslav Krajčovič

GTECH Slovakia Corporation

What do the participants say?

Why the Manager as a Mentor and Coach?

Today, managers have to perform two key tasks: to reach goals they are responsible for and at the same time develop their teams so that their members are able to fulfil their personal plans, receive satisfaction from their job, and simultaneously perform demanding tasks. There are several tools for individual and team development, of which the most effective appear to be coaching and mentoring. Business trends require every manager that wants to wholesomely fulfil the demands of their position to become both a mentor and a coach. The ability of the manager to use these two tools substantially reinforces their managerial style. However, they have to maintain the proportionality between orientation on the team members, their development, and respecting the priorities and reaching goals.

At whom is the course aimed?

  • At those who have taken many training courses and want to develop further
  • At those who want and need to build strong and efficient teams
  • At those who work in a quick-changing, dynamic environment
  • At those who want to help young talented managers develop
  • At those who are assigned with substantial organisational changes
  • At those seeking to introduce a coaching culture into the company

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